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So Close, But Not Yet Done

As Fred Kerber reports Monday morning, "It ain't over till it's over, and it ain't done till it's done."  Although Nets officials and other league sources remain confident the deal will get done, it is now crunchtime.  The logistics of the trade and the NBA schedule require that something get done Monday or the deal becomes questionable once again.

The Nets have two days off but with eight players due to moved, the team will be hard-pressed to put its players and others on planes so they can pass physicals in time for the Suns game in Phoenix at 9 p.m. ET Wednesday. No one can play until all 14 players pass physicals with their new teams. Kerber writes that Mikhail Prokhorov is prepared to charter a fleet of jets to get the job done.

There may also be a need for the Nets to bring in at least one other player.  With eight players departing and six  players arriving, the Nets' roster would be at 12. League rules require teams to carry 13. The Nets have their eye on a player who recently sprained his ankle, but haven't identified him.

However, the deal remains unconsummated as of early Monday morning despite three days of marathon negotiations. Two major questions remain: 1) will Denver get what it wants in terms of a remix of the final outline of the trade agreed to by the Nets and Pistons and 2) will Carmelo Anthony agree to sign a $65 million contract that would make him a Net through 2015. There's also that logistical headache..when does he sign?  All day Sunday, reports were that he would but his comments after the Hornets game threw that into question as well.

Finally (at least for now), there are reports that Devin Harris might be moved immediately by Denver to Portland for Andre Miller or Marcus Camby, both of whom the Trail Blazers are marketing, or even to Dallas.