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'Melo Drama - Now It's The Bulls

Marc J. Spears, quoting a "source with knowledge of Anthony’s wishes", says Carmelo Anthony hopes to persuade the Nuggets to trade him to the Bulls or Knicks

The Yahoo! writer doesn't refer to previous stories that suggested 'Melo would accept a trade to the Nets or Rockets.

Denver is still trying to convince the five-time all-star that it's in his best interest to stay at home, but Spears' story, more than anything, seems to indicate that is a fool's errand.

Spears suggests the Bulls could trade Luol Deng, James Johnson and Taj Gibson to the Nuggets.  Like others, he believes the Knicks don't have the same level of assets and would prefer waiting til next summer when they could offer Anthony a long-term deal.  That seems increasingly unlikely.