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Nets' D-League Experience an "F"

Not long after Mikhail Prokhorov agreed to buy the Nets, the front office came up with proposals to improve basketball operations, many of which have since been implemented.  One that was reportedly discussed but not (yet?)  implemented would have had the Nets take over a D-League franchise. Under a "hybrid" arrangement, teams can take control of a D-League team's basketball operations for $250,000.

The Nets have had horrible luck with the NBA's development league.  Mile Ilic was sent down to get minutes and wound up with a severe ankle injury. He never played for the team again.  Sean Williams was sent down and so thoroughly screwed things up that the Colorado 14ers asked the Nets to take him back.

An ESPN ranking of NBA teams' D-League experience ranks the Nets' use of the D-League 28th out of 30 teams, behind only the Hornets and Magic.  The best? The Thunder, of course.