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Moving and Matching 'Melo - A Guide

CBS Sports' Royce Young offers up the complete 'Melo Trade Primer: what he wants, odds on when Denver will deal him and who's likely to make the best offer.  It's speculation but Young thinks it's likely Carmelo Anthony gets moved in the next three weeks, and argues either the Rockets and Nets will land him.

Young believes that leverage is increasingly on Anthony's side with every passing day, and there's a danger that unless he is dealt soon, the Nuggets are less likely to come away with a good return. 

As for the Nets, Young writes what others infinitum. "Mikhail Prokhorov has a stupid amount of money and toys that could entice Anthony. The Nets have a new arena coming, new ownership and potentially even a new name on the way... The Nets have the necessary assets to reel in the Nuggets. Brook Lopez is probably out of the question, but there's Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Terrence Williams and Troy Murphy."