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Nets Get "B" for Off-Season...But Will It Translate Into Playoff Run? is ranking the off-season for all 30 of the league's teams.  In spite of an inability to sign a major free agent, the author, John Schuhmann, ranks the Nets' effort near the top of the pack with a B.  Only three teams got an A, five others a B+. 

The analysis gives the Nets high grades for improved coaching, defense and front court play, particularly the acquisition of Troy Murphy.  The bench and backcourt don't get as high a grade. 

Bottom line, though, writes Schuhmann, is not the new additions, but the improvement of the team's two best players, Brook Lopez and Devin Harris: "If [Lopez] can improve his post skills (especially his passing), he'll be one the league's best centers. Harris will need to be more of a distributor, while also getting back to caring about defense."