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'Melo: Nets Didn't Approach Me... But They Might Soon Enough

Carmelo Anthony was peppered with media questions after the Nuggets' practice Wednesday and the object of the Nets' affections said New Jersey had not approached him about a sign-and-trade or anything else.  He apparently wasn't asked if his agent or his advisors had spoken with the Nets.

"Not at all,'' the Denver star said when asked if anyone from New Jersey approached him about he whether might want to sign an extension.  However, when asked about his desire to play for the Nets, 'Melo was non-committal. "I'm here. This ain't the offseason. The season has started. I'm not a free agent yet.''

Meanwhile, there's plenty of evidence that the Nets still want 'Melo, but at what price and with who remains the issue. Al Iannazzone reports "some discussions already have begun involving different teams and players than the original four teams who nearly had a done deal Friday."  As Devin Harris said Wednesday, ""You’ve got to understand, it could spark back up tomorrow."