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Four-Way Deal for Anthony is "Dead"

The Nets are not making a deal for Carmelo Anthony... at least for now. Wanting to move on if a trade couldn't be made, Billy King set a Tuesday deadline to make the four-way deal that had been discussed between the Nets, Nuggets, Bobcats and Jazz.

That deal isn't happening, but the Nets and Nuggets may continue to discuss other options to bring Anthony to New Jersey at a later date.

One issue may be that Denver also wants to unload Kenyon Martin and/or J.R. Smith, both with expiring contracts, if they're going to trade their star. Recovering from yet another knee surgery, Martin is not expected to play until at least December.

It's also not 100 percent clear if Anthony wants to be a Net. He told reporters Tuesday that he will talk to George Karl soon: "He said he wanted to get together one day this week.’’