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Yormark Talks About Russian TV, a New Name, Jay-Z's Unhappiness

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In an interview with Russia's Sports Tribune, translated by Ball in Europe, Brett Yormark spoke about how the Nets are trying to get games on Russian television, the Nets' thinking on a new name, and how Mikhail Prokhorov mended fences with Jay-Z after taking over the team this spring.

Yormark, interviewed in Moscow, said he had met with 30 different Russian companies looking for sponsorship opportunities -- but did not announce any new deals -- and was trying to get more Nets games on Russian television.

About the name change, Yormark was non-committal, but in doing so, once again raised the possibility of the Nets being known as something other than the "Brooklyn Nets" once the team moves to Brooklyn in 2012.

Finally, Yormark became the first Net official to confirm that Jay-Z, who didn't attend a single game last season, was upset with the team's direction. Now, says Yormark, he has confidence in Mikhail Prokhorov.  "Last year, it became very difficult," the Nets CEO told Sports Tribune. "He didn’t like what was happening [with the team, with] the image of the team. But now, with the relocation quite close, he’s in a different mood. He has a lot in common with Mikhail on some points, and now they can work together to change the team"

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