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Nets Look for New Partners to Keep 'Melo Trade Alive; Is Harris Out of It?

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets are now looking to reconstruct their off-again, on-again trade talks for Carmelo Anthony, abandoning the Jazz and Bobcats and looking for new partners.

Woj writes: "New Jersey and Denver were moving from including Utah’s Andrei Kirilenko and Charlotte’s Boris Diaw in the trade packages, front-office sources said, and finding eager trade partners in both the Eastern and Western conferences. Denver and New Jersey were trying to line up new scenarios that still would result with Anthony in New Jersey and Derrick Favors and Nets draft picks in Denver, sources said."

There was no indication of which teams the Nets have contacted or who the players might be in a new scenario.

Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor seemed to signal his team's unwillingness to continue Monday, saying at the Utah media day, "If you're going to make that (four-team) trade, it would've been done Friday."

There were also questions about whether Devin Harris was still part of the deal.  With Charlotte out of the picture and Denver happy with Chauncey Billups and Ty Lawson, Denver would have no interest in him.  Woj raises the issue of how badly Avery Johnson has damaged his relationship with Harris, whose loyalty helped get him the head coaching job.