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Amid 'Melo Madness, Hollinger Calls Nets "Run-of-the-Mill Bad Team"

John Hollinger's lengthy Nets preview is up over at ESPN Insider and in spite of its verbiage, he doesn't once mention the words, "Carmelo Anthony".  So you won't learn what Hollinger thinks the Nets are capable of with the Nuggets star, just what he thinks about the current roster, the "It's All New" version.

Not much.

Hollinger says that after some improvement in the front office and the roster, the Nets are no longer historically bad, "just another run-of-the-mill bad team" and predicts the Nets will more than double last year's win total...all the way up to 26 wins. The reason, he says the Nets lack talent.  He says the Nets biggest strength is perimeter quickness, their biggest weakness: interior defense. Of the free agent signings, he loves Anthony Morrow, hates Johan Petro.