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Melo: "Right Now, I'm Leaving My Options Open"

Carmelo Anthony came to the Nuggets' Media Day, had his picture taken and spoke briefly...but gave Nuggets ownership and fans little hope that he wants to be around much longer.

"Right now, I'm leaving my options open,'' said Anthony as rumors continued to fly that the four-team deal had once again gained momentum after almost dieing on Saturday. "I've never said I wanted to be traded. I never once said anything about trade talk. I've been a Nugget for seven years. This is where I started my career. Tomorrow the ball goes up and we get started."

He then cut off questions and left.  ESPN reports that Anthony had canceled a previously scheduled interview with "a major media outlet".  But George Karl said he expected to meet with the Nuggets in the next few days.

Meanwhile, in Salt Lake City, Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor said the team is not "actively" looking to trade Andrei Kirilenko. Ken Berger reported that the Jazz want a second round pick while Charlotte wants cash or a pick to continue talks. The requests were "being discussed", Berger added.