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'Melo Momentum as Media Day Approaches in Denver

Both Ken Berger and Adrian Wojnarowski now report talks on the four-team deal to bring Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey have picked up, with Media Day in Denver being as Berger describes it "an unofficial but very real deadeline". The deal according to both is based at least somewhat on the original proposal.

"One person briefed on the complicated, four-team talks described them as 'moving along" after a weekend of inertia," writes Berger. Wojnarowski writes, "On Monday morning, dialogue on the four-way deal that would bring Anthony to the Nets picked up again among the teams. 'There’s some momentum again,' one league executive told Yahoo! Sports" .

David Aldridge, in notes at the bottom of his "Morning Tip" column, writes that the deal almost collapsed on Saturday but was revived on Sunday when the Nets agreed to take on other players. He didn't discuss who, but Arron Afflalo's name has been discussed. Aldridge adds that the Nets still want D.J. Augustin from the Bobcats.

Similarly, Marc Stein tweets the Nuggets' attempts to fashion another, separate trade have faltered. Of the discussions with Golden State, he writes: "Source with knowledge of DEN-GSW discussions regarding possible Melo deal describe them to as 'brief talks going nowhere'

Meanwhile, Bethlehem Shoals of FanHouse suggests so much of the Nets interest in Melo is about going after the Knicks even before they get to Brooklyn: '[Anthony] Choosing the Nets over the Knicks could be the beginning of a new foundation, one that spotlights Dolan, throws into sharp relief that team's aimlessness, and offers up a new, edgier option.