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Denver Calling Around But Nets Remain Confident

It appears to be Decision Day...or not.  While the Nets remain quietly confident Carmelo Anthony is ready to join them (in some version of the original four-team deal), Denver continues to make and field calls for the three-time all-star with the gaudy scoring stats. Various reports indicate that the Nuggets are hoping to make a deal that would convince 'Melo to stay or yield more assets.

In addition to the 76ers calling to offer Andre Iguodala, the Nuggets are talking to the Warriors about a deal centered on Stephen Curry...and the Knicks remain ever hopeful. Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Nuggets are offering any player on the roster other than Chauncey Billups and Ty Lawson in hopes of expanding the deal for their purposes.

But there's no indication that 'Melo would agree to play in either Philadelphia or Golden State and the Nets remain confident that they've laid the foundation to ensure Anthony will agree to playing at the Prudential Center (and Barclays).

The 'Melo moment of truth could come Monday afternoon at the Nuggets Media Day. Amid reports that Anthony may find a way to avoid it, a Denver writer quotes an NBA source as saying if Anthony walks through the Pepsi Center doors, "you can consider the current trade with the Nets dead."