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Berger: Denver Considering Harris in Less Complicated Deal

It just gets curiouser and curiouser.  Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that one possible way out of the Carmelo Anthony stalemate is reducing the number of teams in the proposed deal and have Devin Harris and New Jersey replace Andrei Kirilenko and Utah in a revised deal.

Berger says that while the Nets don't see themselves as having a deadline, the other two teams Billy King brought in would like to avoid having their players being peppered with questions about their future destination.

Berger adds that Denver originally wanted Kirilenko because of the value of his expiring contract but now wonders if Harris, in spite of his three year, $27 million deal, might be a better "trade chip".

Meanwhile, he adds, "the Nuggets have been taking full advantage of the holding pattern in talks to listen to offers from other teams – though executives with knowledge of the situation do not believe a better offer has presented itself."