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Avery's Attitude Adjustment

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Fran Blinebury, writing for, offers thumbnail descriptions of the challenges faced by each of the league's eight new coaches, including the one with the highest career winning percentage, Avery Johnson.  His biggest challenge, writes Blinebury, will be changing the attitude of a team that went 12-70 last year.

If the Carmelo Anthony deal goes through, only three players will be left from that squad, but the culture remains and needs an attitude adjustment: "If there's anyone who has an abundance of attitude it's the Little General, who never walks softly and always prods with a big stick."

Blinebury says do not underestimate Johnson's chances of success.  It's been a losing bet for two decades. "He will get the Nets' attention, he will get them to play defense and he will lift them out of the standings cellar. Loudly."