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Deal in Increasing Peril as 'Melo Wavers on New Jersey

Carmelo Anthony is not sold on the Nets. In spite of a report he had agreed to sign an extension with New Jersey and the team's confidence he would agree to sign, Yahoo! Sports reports early Sunday that not only is Denver wavering, so is Anthony.

"Anthony’s willingness to accept a contract extension with the Nets has begun to deteriorate over the weekend," write Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears. "Sources said at least some part of his uneasiness has come from conversations with former Nets players around the league."

Anthony has been told that despite new ownership and a new arena, there's "empty seats, fan apathy and second-class citizenship in the shadows of the Knicks." 

So, Anthony has been pressing team management to get him a deal with the Knicks, among others, staying in constant contact with them. Meanwhile, multiple reports out of New Jersey, New York and Colorado suggest the deal will either succeed or collapse on Sunday.  One thing is certain: the Nets are willing to make as many moves as necessary to get agreements from Anthony and the Nuggets so they can make the the three-time all-Star the face of their franchise.