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Orr: "Likelihood of Deal Getting Done at 40 Percent"

The Star-Ledger's Conor Orr quotes a "person close to the negotiations" as saying trade talks are "definitely" slowing down and putting the likelihood of the deal getting done at 40 percent.  Earlier, FanHouse's Sam Amick reported that Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri is fielding offers from other teams in hopes of getting a better deal for Carmelo Anthony. The tactic is making Billy King "impatient" and is "compromising the trade."

"No key figure is growing more impatient than Nets general manager Billy King, who is determined to get the deal done by Monday and unclear on why new Denver general manager Masai Ujiri is fielding calls from teams like Cleveland and Indiana that are attempting to get involved in the trade," writes Amick. "It's a dangerous tactic."

Adrian Wojnarowski writes Ujiri contacted the Bulls and Clippers as well.

Separately in a tweet, Amick adds, "Good will is fading fast between Denver and everyone else. NJ, Charlotte, Utah not thrilled with how it's being handled."  Al Iannazzone confirms the issue in a tweet, reporting, "The Nets are having a harder time getting a commitment from the Denver Nuggets than they are Carmelo Anthony."  Alan Hahn of Newsday similarly tweets the Nuggets, who have drastically cut salary and expenses in recent weeks, "want to come out of it with a payroll savings. Deal as is would mean adding" payroll.

To help solve that issue--and Charlotte's refusal to add D.J. Augustin--Iannazzone reports "Arron Afflalo has been added to the talks, sources said, while adding there could be more involved." Jarvis Hayes would not be part of a  revised deal.