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The Weekend Wait

League offices don't open again again until Monday morning so officially, no trade can go down before then.  Sorting through the details of Friday's happenings, here's what the situation looks like...and it's subject to change.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets remain "confident" Anthony will agree, but four-team deals always carry a high degree of difficulty.

--Carmelo Anthony is either leaning toward or has already accepted the idea of playing for New Jersey and then Brooklyn.  While some reports Friday night had him accepting the trade (and the three year $65 million extension beyond next season), others said the three time all-star had not. But no one said he had turned down the idea. William Wesley, aka World Wide Wes, is reportedly pushing Melo to accept the Nets' offer.

--The Nuggets have given 'Melo the weekend to accept while at the same time they're looking around for a better deal, specifically one from the Bulls that would include Joakim Noah.  Chicago has thus far turned them down. The Knicks and perhaps others are looking for ways to still get in on the action. Both Nugget owner Josh Kroenke and GM Masai Ujiri were in New York on Friday meeting with Nets execs.

--The Bobcats' role in the trade remains unsettled.  Either the 'Cats are reluctant to give up the 22-year-old D.J. Augustin or the Nets are reluctant to take him.  If that doesn't work, a fifth team could be brought in.

--In addition to sending Devin Harris to the Bobcats, Derrick Favors to the Nuggets and Quinton Ross to the Jazz, the Nets would give up two draft picks, their own in next June's draft and the Warriors' protected (1-7) pick in 2012. Jarvis Hayes also joins the Bobcats in a sign-and-trade.

--Harris, Favors and Ross practiced with the Nets Saturday morning at the PNY Center.

--The trade would still leave the Nets with more than $15 million in expiring contracts: Troy Murphy's $11.98 million and Kris Humphries $3.2 million plus league minimum deals with Joe Smith, Stephen Graham, Brian Zoubek, Ben Uzoh and camp invites Eddie Gill and Andre Brown.

--With Harris gone and the Nets point guard corps limited to Jordan Farmar, Uzoh, Gill and maybe Augustin, the Nets are likely to make a big play for Chris Paul.