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Biggest Trade Since Kidd Would Prove Nets Are Truly "All New", But Is It Truly a Done Deal?

Carmelo Anthony could become a Net this weekend, possibly as early as Saturday. It would be the biggest trade since they sent Stephon Marbury to Phoenix for Jason Kidd.  But now, even after Anthony reportedly signed off on the deal--which team officials dispute, there may be other hold-ups. Denver wants a "better deal," perhaps with the Bulls.

It may not be as lopsided as that deal or the 2004 Vince Carter deal, but if it is completed, the trade will end what has been an off-season with so many changes that the Nets' "It's All New" marketing campaign seems like an understatement.  New owner, new coach, new general manager, new arena, and maybe a new star....among 12 new players.

The Nets are ready to give up real (Devin Harris) and potential (Derrick Favors) talent for Anthony, the 6'8" scoring machine who at 26 is one of the league's premier players. According to Adrian Wojnarowski's latest report, they would also be giving up not one, but two first round picks, the Warriors' 2012 pick and their own 2011 pick.

But Billy King's bold move could prove his new owner is a player in the NBA--even after he was dismissed as a poser in July; send the Knicks scurrying with their tails between their legs; and on the weekend training camps opened, make the Nets THE franchise of the moment in the NBA.