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Yormark in Moscow: Nets Will Become Russia's Team

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Brett Yormark, in Moscow to meet with Mikhail Prokhorov--and potential sponsors, told a leading Russian sports site that the Nets will soon put up a Russian language website and plans a "Russian Night" when Andrei Kirilenko and the Jazz visit New Jersey on January 19.

Moreover, the team will follow up its Moscow Open Practice with other programs to help the NBA and the Nets establish themselves across Russia, including an Adidas team store in Moscow and national broadcasts of Nets games on Russian television.

The Nets CEO also discussed basketball with Sport Express, saying although the team missed on out on the big free agents, this year's team will be noticeably better.

But he noted that selling victories now would be the "worst strategy". Instead, the Nets are marketing a "good mood" and access to the team and its players, both in the U.S. and Russia.