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King: "We'll Be Aggressive...While Protecting the Core"

Billy King stayed within bounds Thursday morning despite some pushing and shoving by WFAN's Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno about a certain small forward in Denver.  The best answer they could get to a string of hypothetical questions was King agreeing that he'd want a commitment from any star player with an expiring contract before trading for him. 

In answering another more general question, King said the Nets will be "as aggressive as we need to be" while at the same time "protecting the core." 

King wasn't asked who makes up that core--and didn't volunteer any names--but he was (almost) as effusive as Avery Johnson was regarding Derrick Favors'  progress.

"From where he has gone from when he was when he was drafted to where he is now, he's shown great progress...He has a chance to be pretty special," said the general manager.