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As Adidas Introduces New Uniforms, The Big Story is How Tall is Brook?

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Adidas threw a party at the NBA Store on 52nd Street in Manhattan Wednesday, introducing its new lightweight (and presumably more comfortable) uniforms.  They can make you jump higher...and have a "V" neck!  A armored car delivered the jerseys to the store and two Nets--Brook Lopez and Jordan Farmar--were there to model them along with Wilson Chandler and Dwight Howard.

But that wasn't the big story. The big story was the height difference --in every photo and video-- between Brook Lopez, listed at 7'0", and Dwight Howard listed only an inch shorter.  As Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Striped Post tweeted, "Hmmm".  Lopez looks a couple of inches taller than the Magic center.

For the record, Lopez was measured at 7'0.5" at the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp in 2008...just after his 20th birthday. Howard was listed at 6' 10.25" in 2004 when he was 18...but claims to have grown.