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Kerber: Nets Haven't Talked Names with Nuggets

Fred Kerber reports that although the Nets and Nuggets have had discussions about Carmelo Anthony, "any possible deal is, at best, in the embryonic stage."  He also quotes a "a western conference source" as saying, ""There haven't been any names discussed."  Kerber adds, "the Nets will do nothing without Anthony's name already on an extension" although the Nets are "seemingly acceptable".

Meanwhile, ESPN's Chad Ford and Marc Stein, who first reported that the Nets would include Derrick Favors in a 'Melo deal, write that Anthony's agent and managers "have been ramping up the pressure on the Nuggets to complete a deal with the Knicks or the Bulls before training camps open leaguewide next week." Anthony is represented by the same group that represents LeBron James and Chris Bosh and helped engineer their moves to Miami.

Ford and Stein agree that while the Knicks and Bulls are No. 1 and 1A for 'Melo, the Nets and Rockets are "still in the conversation."