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Broussard: 'Melo to Nets Dependent on Signing Stance

ESPN's Chris Broussard reports that a Carmelo Anthony trade to the Nets is not as likely as some (including his colleagues Chad Ford and Marc Stein) have suggested. 

Most of the talk, Broussard contends, is "speculation" based on the belief that "the Nets have the assets the Nuggets want." 

Moreover, Broussard reports "neither Denver nor New Jersey has assurances" 'Melo would sign an extension with the Nets.  Without that, he says, there will be no deal. Broussard continues to insist that the Knicks are the only team he would "definitely" sign with.  Broussard adds that league executives he spoke with believe the Nuggets will trade Anthony somewhere this week.

Broussard also reveals that the Nets and Nuggets discussed a trade last season, but Anthony vetoed it.  Whether in light of the team's changes since then Anthony would do the same now remains uncertain.