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Nuggets Now Listening to Offers; Nets Seen as Having Most Assets

Marc Stein and Chad Ford of ESPN and Sam Amick of FanHouse separately report that the Denver Nuggets have softened their stance on trading Carmelo Anthony and told other teams that they will listen to offers for their star. The Nuggets have until February to get assets in return for Anthony, but at least one of ESPN's sources believe that a deal could very well come before the start of the season. 

Later Monday, Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post confirmed the reports, adding, "New Jersey seems to have the most to offer".

"Send it in," league executives are being told, reports Amick. The Nuggets have asked teams to provide them with proposals for the three-time All-Star.   Stein and Ford report that no front runner has emerged but mention the Nets and Knicks as possible destinations. Both reports indicate Denver wants at least one top-tier young player the team can market, salary cap relief and multiple draft choices.