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King: Starting Lineup Could Change Well Into The Season

In an interview with Chris Carrino, Billy King said the flexibility Avery Johnson has could permit lineup changes even "when you get into the season".  He suggested as well that Johnson could come up with surprising lineups.  One he mentioned: playing Troy Murphy at center and Derrick Favors at power forward. "We have a lot of flexibility."

The key to success, he said, will be the Nets' two best players, Devin Harris and Brook Lopez.  "They have to take ownership of the team," King said to Carrino.  "As I've told them, if they want to win 10 games, they'll win 10 games.  If they want to win 30 games, they'll win 30."

He also noted that Lopez will be playing "closer to the bucket" where he's more likely to be fouled.  More than that, he said Lopez must step up his goals: "Don't accept good. Demand great."  And like everyone else, he cited Favors' "unbelievable potential" and said he was looking forward to watching Damion James' develop.