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Arena Subway Station Underway In Brooklyn

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Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

As crews continue to erect foundation walls for Barclays Center, and the last two buildings are readied for (months' long)  demolition, construction crews have begun fashioning a new subway entrance for the arena.

To accomodate the subway-delivered traffic expected at Barclays, Forest City Ratner and the ESDC are expanding the MTA station just in front of the arena. It will give fans direct subway-to-the-seat access.  Under a deal between Forest City Ratner and the MTA, the station will be renamed for the arena.

Streets nearby, at the "tip" of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues, were recently opened up so underground construction can proceed. The entrance will permit access from the ten lines that will serve the arena.  There's already a new $108 million station for the Long Island Railroad--with connections to subway lines and the arena--across Atlantic Avenue.