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Outlaw Talks Heroics, Jughandles and Barbecue

Travis Outlaw is a small town product, from Starksville, MS, who was happy to work in small market Portland. 

After a few months in Los Angeles with the Clippers, Outlaw decided to join the Nets ...and start learning about big city life and those darn jughandles. He admits it's a challenge.

"I’ve just got to learn these streets," says the 6'9" SF. One thing he doesn't need to learn is shooting. He wasn't called "Mr. Fourth Quarter" in Portland for nothing. "I had some wonderful folks that helped me come through," he said, among them John Loyer, the Nets' assistant who worked in Portland. He also spoke about his ties to Starksville and his how he won the barbecue contest at Travis Outlaw Day.  "I always want to give back to the community. Through my childhood, it did so much for me."