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ESPN: Nets' Off-Season a "C+"

We'll all have to endure the punditry for a few more weeks.  Then, they will be proven right or wrong.  Until then, expect more of the same: expert analysis or reporter's opinion on how the Nets did in the off- season or how they'll do in the real season. Chad Ford, who seems be forever grading off-season moves, gives the Nets a "C+".


Ford's argument is not new and barely nuanced: The Nets struck out at the draft lottery and in free agency; this isn't what Mikhail Prokhorov expected; Derrick Favors is raw; Brook Lopez is good; Avery Johnson's personality is a double-edged sword; who knows about Devin Harris.  "The mantra now?" asks Ford. "Wait until next summer when the team has another $20 million in cap space."