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The "State of the Nets" Is Improving ...Just Like Derrick Favors

Call it the "State of the Nets".  Billy King and Bobby Marks sat down with the Nets beat reporters and spoke about where they see the team--"better," what they like about the roster--"competition at almost every position," and the strategy beyond this season--"enough money to sign a max player if there’s one worthy of that."  That last line, from King, was said with a smile.  There was no doubt among the writers who he was talking about: Carmelo Anthony.

King reserved his most ebullient comments for the #3 draft pick, Derrick Favors. "They said from summer league to now the progression has been incredible," King said, referring to his coaches. "He’s hitting the jump shot, dunking on people, finishing. I think the summer and all the work is starting to pay off and starting to click with him. I think the fact that you’re bringing in Troy Murphy made him realize there’s another guy. Competition makes guys focus more."