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Lee Will Bring Wall Street Skills to Nets' Stats Research

Milton Lee
Milton Lee

Before Milton Lee trained players for NBA careers, he worked on Wall Street, using his degree from the University of Pennsylvania (the same place Nets chairman Christophe Charlier received his finance degree) to make money.  Now that he's director of basketball operations, responsible for statistics and analytics, he'll be relying on his numbers skills again.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Lee didn't provide details on how he would use statistics, but clearly sees the analogy between grading players and grading investments: "There are hundreds of different ways to analyze if a player is adding value, just as there are many different ways to make money. It’s like trying to decide whether to buy or sell IBM stock."

Lee also talked about his career goal: to be an NBA general manager. "I don’t know how many 5’ 9’’ Korean guys are head coaches".  Like so many of the Nets front office personnel, Lee is only 40.