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Are There Five Games That Could Make or Break The Nets' Season?

YES Network broadcasts all the Nets games (at least until the Yankees open their season). So they should know what a good game looks like. Adam Spunberg, writing for YES, tries his hand at picking five games that could make or break the Nets season. Testing starts early, with two key games in the first week.

Spunberg thinks Opening Night in Newark, vs. the Pistons, is likely to be one big indicator. "The Pistons are simply not a good team," he writes, "and with the slate wiped clean and a home crowd desperate to provide encouragement, I see the Nets making an early statement."

Among the other games he likes, there are both home and way contests, including the first game vs. the Heat on Halloween; the home game vs. the Mavericks on January 22 and two games vs. the Knicks. The latter one on April 8, he believes, could be big for one or both teams' playoff hopes. One other thing about the schedule: After returning from their round the world tour to play the Knicks, the Nets have to fly the next day to Boston! After that, though, they're home for two weeks.