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'Melo Not Talking...And Until He Does, Neither Are The Nuggets

There's little new on the Carmelo Anthony front this weekend.  In fact, it's quiet mainly because Anthony is quiet.  He hasn't spoken yet with Masai Ujiri, the Nugget GM, and until he does, reports are that the Nuggets are deflecting possible trade scenarios.  And the Nuggets aren't the only people 'Melo's not talking to.  Stefan Bondy, the Daily News beat writer, tried to start a conversation with him at the U.S. Open and Anthony wouldn't even talk about his team.

Asked by Bondy if he was happy with the Nuggets, Anthony replied, "Happy as far as what? Why do you want to ask that? I'm in the off-season right now."  Bondy didn't even get a chance to ask about the Nets or Knicks.

All this has caused consternation in Denver. Denver Post columnist Woody Paige, a big 'Melo supporter, wrote Saturday that it was time for Anthony to let the Nuggets know what he wants.  "You haven't determined if you want to come back, you say," writes Paige. "Make up your mind to come back or go away, but don't do a one-hour TV special to announce 'The Indecision.'