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For Harris, A Summer Of Renewal

He showed up at his old coach's press conference to offer his unqualified support.  He quietly spent time bulking up at Tim Grover's Chicago camp, adding 15 pounds to help him better negotiate the lane without suffering those nagging injuries.  He did a whole lot of charity work in Milwaukee, mostly out of the public eye...and had to read about and listen to rumors that he was headed hither and yon in trade scenarios.

After a great All-Star season in 2008-09, he had fallen back to earth in the Nets' debacle of 2009-10.

Devin Harris is likely to be the team captain again this season and his first job will be helping the team forget last season, make everyone believe It's All New...including him. 

In the last few days, his long-dormant twitter account has been all about positive vibes, pushing people to watch the Big Ten Network's feature on his 34 Ways to Assist Foundation and pointing people to a fan blog that seems to sum up his feelings about the new season: "Devin Harris Is This Team’s Point Guard, And That Isn’t A Bad Thing".