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For Morrow and Other New Nets, Preparation Is Crucial

If there's one thing that distinguishes the new Nets, whether they were brought in by Rod Thorn or Billy King, is that they put a lot of faith in daily preparation...not just hard work, but working to be ready for game pressure, game situations.

Ben Couch touches on this in his series on the Nets newcomers. He asked Anthony Morrow how'd he get so good at stroking from deep, how he's becoming one of the game's top three point shooters.

"Preparation, man. Just knowing where to get my shots, getting a feel for my point guard – where he likes to get me the ball on the floor and getting in his vision at all times," replied Morrow. "It’s trying to feed off my point guards."

Morrow also admits that sometimes all that hard work got the best of him.  He's learned as pro he didn't get in college: how to pace yourself.  Sometimes, it's better to set a daily goal of 500 made three's, rather than 1,000.