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Krystkowiak a Big Man Who Dreamed Bigger

Larry Krystkowiak wasn't destined to be an NBA player or head coach, yet he achieved both. A second round pick out of Montana, he wound up playing nine years in the league, averaging a very respectable 8.1 points and 4.9 rebounds per contest.  He himself says of his game that it was "no talent and supreme work ethic"...and thus hard work is what he expects from others.

After retiring, he took a job at his alma mater, did well and later then took advantage of an opportunity to join Terry Stotts on the Bucks' bench. While there, he helped a young big man, Andrew Bogut. In fact, he so won the respect of Bucks management that they promoted him to head coach, then extended him...before firing him after his first full season.

Krystkowiak, one of three former head coaches on Avery Johnson's staff, thinks he lost his job because he didn't adhere close enough to "my values and morals", adding "I certainly wouldn’t do that again."