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Harris Pushing London, Hearing Rumors and Preparing for Nets

Tickets for the Nets two regular season games in London went on sale Wednesday and Devin Harris was on hand to push them.  He also talked about the possibility he could be traded for Carmelo Anthony.

"If they’re gonna happen, they’re gonna happen – you just gotta make the most of it," said Harris of trades. "That’s what I’ve done with my move from Dallas to New Jersey. The rumors are just rumors right now, you never know what’s going to happen. You just have to prepare assuming you’re going to be there and see what happens".

It was also Harris' first time back in London since British streetballer Stuart Tanner schooled him on a local playground. "It it did teach me a valuable lesson – don’t take anybody lightly," Harris told the reporter, Greg Tanner, who happens to be Stuart's brother and the cameraman for the infamous video.

Late Wednesday, Harris seemed to tweet that he and Tanner will have a "rematch"!  Two years ago, when Harris was asked about Tanner on YES, he responded that Tanner doesn't ever want to see him again.