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Nets Sign Sean May

The Nets signed Sean May Monday to a one-year, non-guaranteed contract.  May, 26, will make the veterans'  minimum of $992,000 if he makes the team. Of that total, the Nets will pay $854,000, the NBA the rest.  It's been customary for the Nets to include a team option for a second year in veterans' minimum deals.

May averaged 3.3 points and 1.9 rebounds in nine minutes per game over 37 games last season, the most he's played in his five-year career.  May's signing will bring the Nets' roster to 15, with 12 guaranteed deals.  The team has added 10 new players since the end of last season but don't expect them to add any more soon. 

Dave D'Alessandro writes at the bottom of his story on the London games that the Nets are unwilling to pay other PF candidates guaranteed money. Not Louis Amundson (wants $3 million), Joe Smith (wants a full guarantee), Brian Scalabrine or Ike Diogu (both coming off injuries).  Dave D does note the Nets have never renounced Jarvis Hayes' rights, permitting them to work a sign-and-trade for someone. Oh yeah, forget Josh Boone, too.

Meanwhile, a Kings fan posted a parody of ESPN's breathless coverage of LeBron James' "Decision" called "Sean Maydar".  It's first line, "I'm taking my talents to the Jersey Shore". 

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