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Dooling: "I Was in So Much Pain"

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In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Keyon Dooling admits last season was a lost season because of a difficult recovery from off-season hip surgery.

"Coming off my best year in my career, I was thinking I had finally turned the corner and I might do some damage in this league now," Dooling said. "But last year was a challenge for me. A lot of times I shook my head and I would be in so much pain, I just didn't know. I just pushed through."

Dooling, now backing up Brandon Jennings with the Bucks, credits the Nets long time trainer with helping him make it through the season. "I had a great trainer in Tim Walsh up there (with New Jersey). I'm feeling great now."

The Nets waived Dooling in June, saving $3.3 million on a $3.8 million buyout.