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Nuggets "Asking For The World" In Return for 'Melo

The Nuggets were “asking for the world” in trade talks for Carmelo Anthony.before Masai Uriji was named general manager last week, according to Yahoo's Marc J. Spears. 

And they want you to know as well that 1) they are unwilling to say their relationship with Carmelo Anthony is at the end and 2) there's no rift with his agent as has been reported.

Ujiri told the media Tuesday that he intends on meeting with the team's star forward soon and remains hopeful. 

"I'll wait and talk to Melo and see what he has to say. I think so far things have been positive. There's been a lot of speculation, but hey, that's how it works in our business."

Josh Kroenke, the Nuggets new owner, claims reports of a rift between Denver ownership and Anthony's agent are wrong. 

"Anything that has been said is either someone trying to manipulate the situation behind the scenes, or other motives that are unknown at this point, but Melo and his representation have been great to us."

Meanwhile, MSG's college hoops analyst Jon Rothstein claims in a tweet that the Nets "look like favorites now but are fighting including lopez...Harris, Favors, and picks are package." He quotes no sources.