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How Clutch Will the Nets Be?

It might surprise fans to hear that the Nets lost their best "clutch" performer in the off-season, but that's what the 2009-10 clutch stats from shows.  According to their numbers, Yi Jianlian ranked first among the Nets--and 65th in the league--last season in clutch scoring. 

Yi also ranked first on the Nets--and 18th in the league--in clutch rebounding.  "Clutch" is defined by 82games as "4th quarter or overtime, less than 5 minutes left, neither team ahead by more than 5 points." 

After Yi, the Nets top clutch scorers last season were Devin Harris, at 70th and Brook Lopez, at 109th. Courtney Lee ranked 125th.  Of the new Nets, Anthony Morrow was tops at 84th, but Troy Murphy was way down at 165th.  Murphy was the 22nd best clutch rebounder.  Surprisingly, Morrow shot only 15.4% from three during crunchtime.

If you're interested in where Carmelo Anthony ranked, he was 4th in scoring, 63rd in rebounding, 76th in field goal percentage at 42.7%.  In comparison, Morrow shot 37.9%; Lopez 32.1%; Harris 28.9% and Murphy 26.7%.  Neither Travis Outlaw nor Jordan Farmar had enough clutch minutes to make the list...although Outlaw is normally among the NBA's best fourth quarter scorers.