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Trick or Treat: Nets to Host Heat on Halloween

Stefan Bondy of the Daily News reports that the Nets will open their season at the Prudential Center vs. the Pistons on October 27. Then, four days later, they'll host the Miami Heat's "Three Kings". Trick or Treat.

The Nets two London dates are March 4 and 5. It'll be the NBA's two foreign-owned teams, the Nets and the Raptors, facing off at the O2 Arena, the first regular season games ever played in Europe.  The Nets will also play two preseason games in Beijing and Guangzhou on October 13 and 16. Details of those games will be announced Wednesday.

Dave D'Alessandro reports there will be "far more kid-friendly games" at the Prudential Center. The Nets' schedule will be filled with weekend afternoon games, and 7 p.m. weeknight starts will be the norm. The Nets will also be home over the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, no longer having to compete with family shows in the Meadowlands.