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Shooting Guard Up in the Air?

By now, everyone knows that the power forward spot looks like the one most up in the air.  Although Nets insiders hope Derrick Favors will play "a significant role" this season, they're not sure how soon he will start...and there are persistent reports the Nets are trying to find another power forward, "desperately" so according to David Aldridge.

But as DIME reports, the shooting guard spot may also be up for grabs.  DIME calls Courtney Lee one of the NBA players most in danger of losing his starting job.

Avery Johnson said as much in a conference call with season ticket holders two weeks ago. Asked about the starting lineup he cited the possibility of a strong competition.

"Early on, Devin, Courtney Lee, Outlaw...not sure about the four...Brook LopezAnthony Morrow could come in beat everyone out at the 2. There will be a lot of trial and error.  Maybe we don't get there (a set starting lineup) til the All Star break".