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Favors Thinks Murphy Can Help Him

In an interview with DIME Magazine, Derrick Favors says the Nets trade for Troy Murphy was "a good move" in part because the nine-year vet can "help me out with my offensive game, show me little strategies to use."

Otherwise, Favors said he sees Avery Johnson as "a good dude and a great coach", expects the Nets will want him to "come out and play hard", and has made his first big purchase with his NBA paycheck, a Camaro "nothing for custom, just regular factory model."

As for who he thinks will be rookie of the year, Favors hopes it's him but if not him, his Georgia Tech teammate Gani Lawal of the Suns.

  • Derrick Favors on Fixing the Nets, His New Car and Winning the NBA Rookie of the Year - Austin Burton - DIME