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Anthony Morrow's Amazing Journey

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Two years ago, Anthony Morrow was homeless --or as he says, "we lived in a lot of different places"-- after his mother lost her house. He had finished four years at Georgia Tech, but hadn't been drafted. It was only when his college coach made a call that he got an invite to play for the Heat's team in the Orlando Summer League.

A couple of things broke his way and the Warriors signed him to a rookie minimum deal. They were rewarded for it. This summer, the Nets made their offer, $12 million over three years.  Morrow describes to ESPN's Ric Bucher his reaction, "I just jumped up and ran around crazy," he says. "It was like a thousand-pound weight had been taken off my shoulders."

Since then, he's gotten his parents out of debt, set up a trust for his daughter and established Anthony Morrow Charities which has begun helping out in his old neighborhood in west Charlotte, NC.  "It's a very, very humbling experience to go back there," he says.