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Nets Unlikely To Be Worst Again

While ESPN's "best basketball minds" continue to grind out their projections on who will be the best next season and Yahoo! Sports ranks every starting player in the NBA by position, CBS Sports is taking a different tack: they're starting from the bottom up and asking who'll be the worst.

It will comfort you to know that Matt Moore does NOT think it will be the Nets, but he does call them the "reigning champs".

"With the development of the younger players, the addition of a few talented veterans, and a more demanding coach in Avery Johnson, the Nets may not be in position to push for the playoffs," Moore writes, "but they are unlikely to repeat as the worst team in the NBA."

Who does Moore think will emerge with the most ping pong balls in the Draft Lottery hopper next June? He's betting on the Minnesota Timberwolves, although he lists some scenarios under which that won't happen.