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Harris: Avery and I Want a Winning Tradition With The Nets

In an interview with fans (conducted via the Nets social media), Devin Harris says "It’s exciting to play for Avery. We’ve won a lot of games together, and hopefully we can bring that type of tradition back to this organization."

Harris, who played three years for Johnson in Dallas, spoke as well about how the Nets have changed since last year, and how he expects the coach to take advantage of the new players'  talents.

"We’ve got some (new) bigs in Troy Murphy and Derrick Favors that can rebound and space the floor," said Harris. "I think that’ll help Brook tremendously, give him a little more room to work. Our wings are athletic and they can shoot – that’ll help space the floor for me, allow me to penetrate, along with guys like T-Will."

In talking about his conditioning for the upcoming season, Harris said he's added 15 to 20 pounds.  "I’m just getting stronger. I’m a little heavier, but I’m still quick, & can take more of a pounding."