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Barclays Center: Women's Work

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With the anticipated appointment of 33-year-old Arana Hankin as ESDC project manager for Barclays Center and Atlantic Yards, the three key players in the construction of the billion dollar arena will be women. 

Hankin, an aide to New York Gov. David Paterson, will join Forest City Ratner EVP MaryAnne Gilmartin and Onexim Sports and Entertainment President Irina Pavlova on the project. Hankin will work with Gilmartin who has primary responsibility for construction of Barclays Center and the larger Atlantic Yards project.  Pavlova represents Mikhail Prokhorov's interests on the project. A fourth woman, Ratner senior VP Jane Marshall, manages much of the day-to-day work on the project.

Hankin is expected to be named to the vacant job as project manager soon, according to Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report, who called her resume "relatively thin".