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Favors: "I'll Be Spark Off Bench"

Two seasons back, Brook Lopez told reporters he hoped to be a "reliable backup center" who won't "screw things up" .  That lasted seven games.  Now, Derrick Favors is saying much the same thing: don't expect me to be ready on day one.  How long that will last is anyone's guess.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Favors said that he assumes his role will be to "provide a spark off the bench" while he develops a better post-up game.

WSJ reports he said the team singled out his back-to-the-basket moves as his biggest weakness. To improve, he's spent the summer working with Sam Mitchell and Popeye Jones both in New Jersey and his native Georgia.

Meanwhile, Stefan Bondy tweets that Paul Hewitt, Favors' college coach at Georgia Tech, compared the Nets rookie favorably (sorry) with another former Yellow Jacket: Chris Bosh. Hewitt said the two are "in the same category," Bondy writes.  "Bosh may have better perimeter skills," Hewitt said, "but Favors will be better in the paint."