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RealGM: Chemistry, Not Carmelo, Will Put Nets On "Thunder Road"

If the Nets are going to follow "Thunder Road" (appropriate Bruce Springsteen reference) and model themselves after  Oklahoma City, they should focus not on acquiring Carmelo Anthony from the Nuggets but developing chemistry within  themselves. So writes Jason Schreier of RealGM.

In fact, he says, losing out on free agency might have been a big first step: "The Thunder didn't make many major roster changes to get to where they are today—the transformation began when Scott Brooks took over, Kevin Durant's leadership skills started improving, and the team's young players – like Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Jeff Green – all started developing chemistry."

Acquiring Carmelo Anthony, he suggests, could hurt that process. "We can't coddle to free agents like we did last year, trading away assets for cap space that may or may not even be necessary depending on where one guy decides to move."  Bottom line: "Be Patient".